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Thai Women Dating

Learn the main character types of the women from Thailand to know which one best suits your own personality. Learn more about their particular qualities and find your perfect Thai girlfriend.

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What Do You Really Need To Know About Dating Thai Women

The majority of European and American men head to Thailand to find their perfect woman. They believe that this country is the Motherland of attractive ladies. It seems that Thai women possess some kind of receipt for eternal youthfulness because they look much younger than their age. This peculiarity attracts many gentlemen from around the globe to look for a wife in this place. 

Last Updated: October, 2022
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6 Types Of Thai Women Dating

The type of Thai women dating depends on what type of lady you wish to build a family with. However, beauty is not the only characteristic that makes these women special. Thai girls can be different and it is essential to understand. So, let's discuss the main archetypes of Thai girls and their key aspects to dive deeper in the varity of Thai women daiting.

thai women dating

Dating With Urbanized Thai Ladies Of The Middle And High Class

These are the Thai women who are educated and engaged in business activities. They leave their native towns and are looking for ways to achieve success in education and employment. 

Education. They are very educated and clever and do not stop learning.

Language. Perfect English and the intermediate level of several more languages.

Household. You would have to hire a housekeeper to maintain order in the house.

Intellectual Compatibility. With these Thai girls for dating, you can discuss world politics and negotiate about the effect of global warming. 

Attitude. If you date Thai women, you will have a chance to get acquainted with highly-respected people from the business world and broaden your outlook.

Possibility to adapt to your country. If the woman has a European education, the chances she will easily adapt to your location are very high.

Financial Situation. She is financially independent. So, if she decided to connect her life with you, money would not be the reason for it.

These women are a good choice for you if you look for a good wife, a smart partner, and a close friend. All in one.

This is a bad choice if you are looking for just an exotic alternative of the countrywoman who will play the role of the housewife.

Dating Thai Girl Of The Middle-Class Living In A City

This category of Thai ladies for dating is the widest one. It includes university students and office employees such as HR managers, sales representatives or the owners of small shops. In general, these are the girls who managed to escape the poverty of the Thai village and carve out their lives in some way.

dating thai women

Education. Thai women for dating has an education on the basis of the college or university.

Language. Their English often sounds better than yours and they can freely communicate with foreigners.

Household. As a rule, they are very busy and will take care of the household issues only when they have some free time.

Intellectual Compatibility. Unfortunately, the university diploma doesn’t guarantee an advanced intellect and mentality.

Attitude. They can get along well with different people. It is simple to get acquainted with these women anywhere from the library to the noisy night club.

Possibility to adapt to your country. Thailand women for dating eager to look like European or American people. So, they will do everything possible to get used to a new life in a new country.

Financial Situation. Their parents are usually financially stable. So, there are no significant problems with the question of financial support. These ladies are taught to make their life and manage money smartly.

This type of Thailand women is a good choice for you if you wish to marry a lady who is at the same social level as you are. She will agree to live a middle-class life and will share the everyday family responsibilities with you. 

This is a bad choice for you if your goal is to find an obedient Thailand woman who will take care of absolutely all household duties and will handle all your whims.

Dating With Thai Girl Living In A Village

The situation with youth in Thai villages is the same as everywhere. Given the opportunity, they leave their small communities and head for big cities to find a better life. So, this category is about older ladies who decided to stay and continue living in their rural areas. 

Education. In this case, education is quite poor. These women had a chance to study at school and finish just 6-9 grades. 

Language. They do not speak English.

Household. These Thai ladies are hard-working, but they are used to simple things and will not be able to arrange stuff in your gorgeous penthouse.

Intellectual Compatibility. Again, they are not clever because they had no possibility to receive a university degree. They even might not know who Johnny Depp is.

Attitude. In the village, these women are highly respected, but in big cities, the situation will be absolutely different.

Possibility to adapt to your country. There are very few chances that this Thai woman will get used to living in another location. They are very conservative and do not want to change things in life.

Financial Situation. They earn little money, but at the same time manage to support people in their neighborhood.

This Thailand lady is a good choice for you if you are searching for a traditional girl who has dozens of relatives who come to your place every day.

It is a bad choice for you if you dream to integrate her in your circle of friends or control everything that happens in her family.

thailand women dating

With A Low-Paid Work

It can be a chambermaid, worker at the factory or a cashier at “7/11”. The interesting thing is that even old Thai women of this category require at least 1 day-off in a week when they devote all time to looking for a handsome rich husband.

Education. It can be a school, professional college, or even an inexpensive university. 

Language. She knows on average 100 English words.

Household. Chances are that your house will always be clean and you will have tasty food for dinner.

Intellectual Compatibility. Keep searching if this aspect is very important for you.

Attitude. If you choose this Thai girl for dating, expect that people will perceive it as your sliding down the social ladder.

Possibility to adapt to your country. It is quite possible. However, poor English and differences in mentality will complicate the process.

Financial Situation. Never approve of her decision to quit the job. Otherwise, you will have to financially support her till the end of your relationships.

These ladies are a good choice if you want to find a girlfriend quickly and without much effort.

It is a bad choice for you if you do not want to be responsible for the financial situation in your family.

Dating With True Thai Freaks

She is covered with tattoos, has lots of body piercings, and always wear strange uncommon clothes. She is different and does not look like a usual Thai lady. She spends time in night clubs and dreams to become a tattoo designer.

Education. Middle school, rarely college or even a university.

Language. Because of constant skipping of the lessons her level of the English language is very poor. However, she can understand simple English words.

Household. The inflated ego of the Thai girl will prevail over the desire to cook tasty dinner for her man.

Intellectual Compatibility. She is aware of the life and art of John Lennon and Freddie Mercury, but the can of beer is more important than any rhapsody for her. 

Attitude. This type of Thai women is not well-perceived among people. They are not respected and in most cases disapproved of their poor lifestyle.

Possibility to adapt to your country. They can easily adapt to life in the country where freedom and a total absence of authority are in the first place. 

Financial Situation. Get ready that you will support her financially all the time. She has no stable workplace and previously was supported by parents.

Dating Thai women is a good choice if you are a hipster, counter culturalist, or a free artist.

It is a bad choice if you want to get warm long-term relationships with a lovely woman who will care about the family.

thai girl on the street

Dating With Thai Ladies Of The Night Clubs

You can date Thai women of this category at night in various clubs and bars and take them to your hotel room for a certain price. This is quite a wide category of women of Thailand regardless of the fact that this sort of activity is not legally permitted. 

Education. Most of them studied only at school. Only few continue their education. Ask them where Mexico is on the map and they won’t find it. 

Language. She can talk about everyday life by using Thai English. It is understandable, but differs from a common language.

Household. Some of them can be good housekeepers. They can make the house shine. However, many of them prefer the TV and air conditioner controllers. 

Intellectual Compatibility. The difference in mentality and culture is colossal, so do not expect these ladies to talk about global economics.

Attitude. It is better not to show up with these Thai girls on the public. People won’t endorse your relationship with them.

Possibility to adapt to your country. The obstacle will be your cultural differences. It will be not easy for her to adapt to another type of life.

Financial Situation. Taking into account her night work, she will be able even to support you. However, they are more likely to pour money down the drain.

These ladies are a good choice for your Thai girl dating if you are a romantic libertine, hanky-panky, liar, or souteneur. 

It is a bad choice if you expect dating Thai women who are good girls and who will share your life values.

Peculiarities Of The Appearance Of Thai Women

Thai women are beautiful and their exotic appearance can turn the head of any single man. Learn the following statements to recognize them among others.

  • Despite being not tall, Thai ladies have proportional body shapes and look slim.
  • Women with extra weight are a rarity.
  • Thai ladies have long or very long hair. The color is dark or extra dark.
  • They may have different skin colors from very light to chocolate-like.
  • Their beauty is natural, however, you can meet ladies who underwent surgery. 

Thai Women For Dating Summary

Thai girls are very different. There is no single guide that will help you understand their personalities before you Thai girl dating. So, if you want to simplify the way of winning their hearts, learn the categories described above and build your personal approach.