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Feeling like it's too late to become happy? Check out AsianMelodies to prove you wrong!

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Asian Melodies Review

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The primary significance of each person’s life is to meet love. Asian Melodies has a wide variety of female profiles of the Asian origin. What helps you meet exactly the person you are exactly looking for. AsianMelodies website makes people happy in a relationship and even in a marriage because you choose the perfect partner for life.


  1. Data security
  2. Readily payment method
  3. Diverse and handy functions of use
  4. Safety


  1. Necessity pay money
  2. Extra spending on gifts

The first impression

When you visit AsianMelodies for the first time, it is simplicity that strikes. Everything is very accessible and understandable. You do not need to spend a lot of time to figure out how the site works. AsianMelodies takes care of its users and provides free registration and ability to evaluate profiles of other users for free.

Registration on AsianMelodies

In case you wish AsianMelodies acquaintances, then you need to register on the site. To create your account, you need to follow these steps:

  • Name
  • Birthday
  • Email
  • Password

After that, you need to write a short questionnaire about your relationship priorities, which consists of 9 questions with the variants provided. This one is followed by 13 questions with answer options that will help to choose more suitable profiles of girls in the future. It is also advisable to choose a profile photo for yourself to attract the other visitors to it.

girls profiles

After registration on Asian Melodies, you can see all users of the site. But to make your search of the partner held according to certain criteria, you need to click the “Search” button where you can specify them. The filters include:

  • Country. You can choose different countries to search for the people.
  • Marital Status. It is advisable to indicate it not to waste time in communication with a married person.
  • Religion. It is an important point for the search thanks to which you can choose a girl with a similar outlook on life.
  • Drinking. In case you wish to find a person who does not drink alcohol, indicate this.
  • Age. You can choose the preferable age of the girl you want to build a serious relationship with.
  • City. Choose any city that is closer to your place of residence.
  • Children. If you do not care how many children the woman has or you wish she has none of them, mention this.
  • Level of Education. In case you want to find a person with higher education, indicate this.
  • Smoking. It may be important for one person and completely unimportant for the other. If this bad habit is unacceptable for you, you can state it.
  • Member's ID. You can specify the specific user you want to find.

search opportunities on site

The features of Asian Melodies

Asian Melodies gives you the possibility to plunge into the world of communication thanks to its functions and capabilities. A pleasant feature of this site is a welcome bonus to each new user. After you have registered, you can get 20 credits for free thanks to which you can make the following actions:

  • Write a message to the user you like.
  • Send sticker.
  • View who viewed your profile.
  • View all user photos.

Asian Melodies takes care of its users and provides you with free credits. In turn, it allows you to start correspondence with the user you like quickly and easily.

asianmelodies site feature

AsianMelodies also provides you with the ability to send a letter to any user using the “Mail” tab. This feature is paid.

On the right of your profile, you can see profiles of people whose outlook on life is the same as yours. That will help you to make the correct decision.


Communication on the Asian Melodies website is quite simple. If you are eager to write a message to the user you like, then you can do this with credits. When you have registered, you can get bonus free credits for the first registration on the AsianMelodies. Thanks to them, you can write to any user and send a sticker. To start a conversation with users of Asian Melodies, you need to go to the “Messages” tab and select the desired action. For the first acquaintance, you can use free emoticons. If nothing comes from another user in response to them, then perhaps this is due to the incompatibility of your views on life.

asianmelodies chat screen

In case you wish to send an initial letter to another participant, you need to use 10 credits. Sending a subsequent letter will be 30 credits. Viewing the video sent to you will cost 50 credits.

You can also browse pages and photos of other users and add some particular users to your favorites for free. Thanks to this, you will always see these profiles on your page; just click on “My favorites” tab.

Prices for users of Asian Melodies

With the thought of user's benefit, provides a simple form of payment for its services:

20 credits
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50 credits
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125 credits
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250 credits
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Thanks to automatic top-up, money is automatically charged for the selected number of credits. This will allow you to enjoy uninterrupted communication with all users.

When you used 20 free bonus credits, you'd be able to buy the new ones by clicking the “Get credits” button. You provide your bank card details and buy credits with which you can:

  • Chat with other users
  • Implement chat with instant messages
  • Send stickers
  • Send real gifts

Scam and safety

The security of your profile and personal data is the main task of the site. If you have questions, you can always contact support. Also, if you notice any suspicious behavior of the user, you can send a report abuse due to which the user profile will be moderated. You can also block the user.

asianmelodies girl

The reputation of the Asian Melodies

Comfort and easy use of the site services are the priority tasks of Asian Melodies. For convenience, it provides a variety of search capabilities for people. Every day they conduct a survey and improve the quality of services. The platform constantly adds new features and capabilities, such as a variety of surprises and stickers, to provide a varied opportunity for free communication. All this is done so that your communication with users will take place with pleasure.


What is AsianMelodies for?

The site was created to unite people who do not have time or face other barriers to meet their love. This service provides a huge selection of users' profiles and helps to find someone with a similar outlook on life and household issues. People come here to change their lives once and forever.

Is safe?

Definitely yes. The site collects and stores the personal information that you provide. It is responsible for the security of your data and does not disclose your personal information to other people unless the site informs you and makes it possible to refuse from it.

How does automatic top-up work?

You indicate the number of credits you want to buy, and each time they run out of money, the amount in your account is automatically charged for the specified number of credits. For example, you've entered 5 credits, and if you do not have enough credit for a certain action, then the tariff will automatically be renewed for 5 credits with the corresponding payment amount.

How to disable or change automatic top-up?

You can check if this feature has been enabled in your profile settings. To do this, log in to your account and click on the profile photo in the upper right corner of the screen. In the drop-down menu, click on "Profile Settings" and then find the "Billing" section to use the Automatic Top-Up ON/OFF or change the number of selected credits that automatically renews. Changes to the settings immediately take effect.

What does the profile deactivation mean?

In case you wish to have an inaccessible profile to other participants and not to receive notifications about events on the dating site, you can use the "Profile deactivation" service. To do this, go to the profile settings and click "Deactivate profile" in the upper right corner.

Why you should choose the AsianMelodies?

Make clients contented is the main task of this site. Thanks to many diverse functions, the platform provides the opportunity for unlimited communication and meeting interesting people. Satisfied users are examples of the quality of the site.

Why is online dating so popular today?

Since today a lot of people work all the time and want to achieve success in work, they do not have much time to go on dates. Thus, online dating is the ideal solution to this problem. Thanks to Asian Melodies, you can find out everything about a person online and decide for yourself whether you need to continue these relationships in reality.

Are relations at a distance difficult?

The main thing is to understand whether you want a serious relationship. If you need to engage your love, then it does not matter where it is located. When you meet her, you become a happy person, no matter where she was before.

How can to use a free messaging service?

In case you wish to get free credits that are necessary for sending messages or gifts you need to go to the "Credits" section and request a welcome package. After that, you get 20 credits in the column that you can use in various functions that are provided by the site.

How can to search for people on a site from around the world?

The site provides you with the opportunity to view profiles from around the world. To perform this function, you need to select the extend search and click "All countries." Then you will access the profiles of all site users from around the world.


AsianMelodies is a popular dating site that gives you a chance to chat with people of different nationalities. This platform was created to get acquainted and bring people together from different points of the planet. The site takes care of its users, provides round-the-clock assistance in various matters, and has various functions for finding a suitable partner. Free credits are presented as a bonus for the newcomers. Overall, the main task of the site is to provide the opportunity for comfortable communication and help in finding love or good friends.