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Korean Women Dating

Korean women are one of the most desired Asians. If you want to try Korean women dating, stay with us, and you will learn everything you need to know about those oriental hotties.

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Pro Tips On Dating Korean Women In 2020

Men have always adored gorgeous Asian beauty. But in recent years, their boost of interest in dating Korean women seem to have grown like wildfire. Their unique beauty, kind, and bright personality are very enchanting. They have attractive appearances and uniquely loving souls. No wonder so many men wish to have a chance of meeting one of those beauties.

However, jumping into a distant international relationship without any understanding about differences in cultures isn’t a smart choice. Getting to know more about Korea, a very special country with fascinating customs and traditions that are new to all Westerners, is a must before committing to a serious relationship. This knowledge will help you make the girl fall for you on Korean women dating site at no time.

Last Updated: October, 2022

What should you know to start South Korean women dating?

Before starting a relationship with a beautiful and intelligent Korean woman, we recommend that you find out the following facts about Korea and girls from this country.

  • There is not one Korea. The first thing you should know about Korea is that it actually has two parts — North Korea and South Korea. And today, we are going to talk about women from South Korea, who are actually very different from their neighbors.
  • South Korean girls are very attractive. The typical portrait of South Korean beauty consists of very pale skin, straight brunette hair, dark eyes, youthful looks, slim bodies, and charming smiles. These traits are very common and undoubtedly very beautiful. And although each girl has some peculiarities, their exotic beauty is something that you can’t deny.
  • Those ladies are quite competitive. Such a personality of South Korean girls is another reason why Western men are chasing these beauties. It probably reminds them of the ambitious and go-getter mentality that they have. After all, we always love things in other people that we try to have ourselves, don't we?
  • South Korean brides are a “full package.” Stunning beauty and ambitions are not everything that those girls have to offer. They have a perfect combination of personality traits and outer beauty to make them ideal girlfriends.

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What will you get dating Korean American women?

Having a relationship with a Korean woman will give you many benefits. It is worth noting the following:

  1. You will always be treated as a man-in-the-house who will always be cared for and loved.
  2. Dating such a lady, you will experience what true femininity is like, as those ladies embrace their womanhood as no others.
  3. You will become better. A Korean girl is usually open to the world of beliefs and traditions of a new nationality, and she will enrich your world will new things.
  4. You will get the best girlfriend. With proper attitude and care, she will be the most loyal and loving partner.

Korean women dating American men: top reasons

Korean women dating sites are full of gorgeous ladies who are looking for a foreign partner, which is a great proof that Korean ladies are into Americans. But why are they going to such an extent to find love? What do men in the US have that locals don’t? Here are some main traits that hot Korean girls find very sexy about Americans:

  • Western mentality is full of ambitions.
  • American appearance is exotic in Korea.
  • American men are known for treating their women right.
  • Korean ladies love that Americans are very tolerant and accepting.
  • Men in the US tend to be more romantic.
  • Besides, the US is full of different nationalities, so moving to this country is not that hard.

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Dating Korean women: advice on how to build relationships with them

In order for your relationship with a girl from South Korea to be truly successful, it is important to pay attention to some dating peculiarities in this country. Let's talk about them further.

Remembering all important dates

A big thing in Korean women dating is remembering dates. They are a huge deal for any couple, but Koreans took it to a whole new level. Well, you may think that you’ll need to remember only the biggest anniversaries, but it's not that easy. Koreans like romantic holidays and always plan something for 100...500-day celebrations. Besides, teenagers even celebrate 22 days as a couple, which you can’t find anywhere else.

Valentine’s Day is not the only love holiday in Korea

Valentine’s Day is greatly known and celebrated in Western countries. But Koreans have a different approach to it. On this day, a woman shows her feelings for her significant other and gives sweets or other love signs. Men are the receivers on this day, but they can give back during another love holiday — the White Day, which is a month after Valentine’s Day.

Food sharing

Well, you may wonder what is so unique about sharing food in Korea? The thing is that many Korean cafes serve special dishes that are designed for two. That is why if you visit one of them, you will need to share food. You can even try a couple dessert — bingsu, it is served only in Korea and is a usual date activity.

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How to date a Korean woman?

Here are some tips on how to be successful in dating a Korean woman:

Shower her with attention

If you want to date a hot Korean lady, you need to pay a lot of attention to her. Your girl will expect you to stay online all the time, as that is something couples do. So, don’t forget to send sweet messages during the day as a little reminder that you are thinking about her.

Korean girls love matching looks — consider getting one

Korean women have a perfect sense of style. They care a lot about their appearance and looks. That is why you need to think your outfits through, as it is an easy way to make a good impression on your Korean girl. Of course, proper hygiene and neat clothes are also essential.

Don’t try French kiss her in public

Couples usually hold hands, but extensive PDA is not common for Korean culture. That may be a norm in your country, as many nationalities kiss during greetings, but you need to appreciate and respect the boundaries of your girl. Stunning Korean women love showing their passionate side but only for you and in private.

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Don’t overpromise, but be serious with your intentions

Being on the same page in the relationship is important for any couple, but it is especially emphasized in Korean dating. That is why you need to try to make your girl know about what your intentions are but at the same time without overpromising. Be honest with your partner and yourself about how you would like your future to be. And if you are confident in your feelings, make sure your girl knows about it. Here are some ideas on how to do that:

  • Talk about your future as a couple
  • Make her feel your attitude to her
  • Notice things she likes to surprise her
  • Meet her parents and offer to visit yours

Become a favorite of her parents

All cultures in the Asian region are very respectful when it comes to the family. And Korea is not an exception. Gorgeous Korean ladies value their parent’s opinions; that’s why you need to become their favorite. To do that, be extra respectful, honest in everything you say and be clear with your intentions on their daughter.

Even though dating beautiful Korean girls is not the same as dating someone from the West, it is definitely worth trying. International dating is a unique experience that can bring a lot of new things in your life. You can really fall in love with one of the Korean girls, as those women know the secret of loving a man and making him the happiest.


What is it like dating a Korean woman?

Dating Korean women are different from Western ones. Korean ladies will expect you to be the leader of the relationship, and generally, relationships develop more slowly.

Are Korean women loyal?

Yes, Korean women tend to be very faithful to their partners, as loyalty and respect are huge things for their culture. That is the reason why Korean women are one of the most desired girlfriends worldwide.

Where can I meet Korean women?

International dating sites like WOW dating are the best way to meet stunning Korean women. It is an easy and effective way to meet someone special.

How can I impress a Korean woman?

Impressing a Korean girl is not that difficult. You just need to be genuinely interested in her culture and act like a gentleman, leaving her being feminine self.