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European Women Dating

European women are extremely popular among American men — the girls from France, Spain, and Italy are often considered the hottest, the ladies from Ukraine and Poland are called perfect wives, and all these women love dating the guys from the US. Another cool thing about them is that there is almost no such thing as the language barrier when we’re talking about dating European women — almost all of them know English and can speak quite well.

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What Is Dating European Women Like?

Want to find a European lady? In Europe dating sites are very popular, and the only thing you need to do to find a woman is to choose one of them and sign up. But what should you need to know before you start dating a foreign girl? Continue reading to find the answers!

Last Updated: August, 2022

Why are European women so beautiful?

You’ve surely heard about the attractiveness of European girls (if you haven’t, just visit any European online dating service to see what we’re talking about). Yes, that’s a huge generalization, but there are lots of extremely beautiful women in Europe, be it the Eastern or the Western part of the continent. Let’s take a look at the reasons why these women are so attractive.


The women from Southern Europe (Italy, Greece, Spain) have olive skin, black hair, and dark eyes; the women from the Eastern European countries (Ukraine, Poland) tend to have blonde hair and blue eyes, as well as the ladies from Scandinavia. The thing is, most European women are unique and different, but at the same time, they are very beautiful in their own way.

Diets and gym

Healthy foods and sport are the trends in Europe. In some countries (such as Spain, Italy, and Greece) it's about traditional diets, in other countries it's the latest trend, but in general, most European women are fit and healthy (and they work to become even more fit). Of course, their healthy lifestyle makes them even more attractive!

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Au naturel (Western)

When it comes to Europe, especially to its Western part, it's all about natural beauty. The women who live in Spain, France, Netherlands, and other Western European countries typically don't care about makeup, hair extensions, and other ways to enhance their looks. And that is what makes them look great.

Makeup skills (Eastern)

When it comes to Eastern Europe, however, the situation is completely different. Here, the women know everything about makeup and about how to look like they don't wear any makeup (it might sound weird but that's how they look natural and extremely beautiful at the same time). They are also very stylish, and they always look great when going outside.


Lots of men prefer exotic looks. The point is, it's easier for a foreign woman to fall in the attractive spectrum — that's why men from all over the world like foreign women and this works vice versa, too. It's simple — European women look exotic (well, except maybe for Brits), that's why American men like them and that's why you will probably think that Europe is full of hotties when you visit it.

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How to date a European woman?

It’s easy to find a girl from Europe — just choose any website among the best European dating sites, sign up, and start chatting with the ladies. But what’s next? What are the most important dating tips for European women? Continue reading to know more!

  • Don't rush. In Europe, the slower you go, the faster you’ll get what you need. They don’t rush, they (most of them) don’t kiss on the first date not to mention sex, and they love it when a man understands and respects that.
  • Make the first move. It’s still appreciated here in Europe, especially in Eastern European countries — it’s a man who should lead the relationship there. It would also be great to use some chivalry — buy flowers (this doesn't work with 100% of them), ask her to let you know she got home ok, listen to what she says, show interest, hold the door for her, and pull out her chair, etc.
  • They might be cold, but it doesn’t mean they don’t like you. This is not about South Europeans but about the girls from Western and Northern European countries (e.g. Germany, Finland, Sweden). Don’t worry, it’s just their culture — once you get to know them better, they won’t be cold to you anymore.

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European dating culture

As we have already said, European women are unique and women from Southern Europe differ from Northern European girls. Of course, Eastern European girls are not the same as Western European women, too. Let’s talk about 5 most popular European countries for dating.

Differences between dating European women in top most notable European countries


These women are very well-educated and intelligent, they are punctual (obviously) and very hard-working. If you want to attract and impress a girl from Germany, you'll have to be honest and straightforward, because that's what they are and that's what they want in a man.


They are strong, sophisticated, and flirty. They do really value their independence, so you should forget about jealousy if you want to find a beautiful French girlfriend. Give her some freedom, walk with her and have a lot of fun, don't expect to get into her bed right after the first date, and you'll have a great time with any French lady!


They are extremely hot, sexual, and charming. Most Spanish women are independent, passionate, and very emotional — so if you are searching for a woman you'll never get bored with, Spanish girls are what you're looking for! We highly recommend learning at least a few phrases in Spanish to impress these women because they are very proud of their country and culture.

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They are extremely beautiful, passionate, very family-oriented (family is literally the most important thing to them), open-minded, and very fun. If you want to date an Italian, don't expect to get a one-night stand, be patient (no sex on the first date in Italy!), show some respect, and pay the bill. Oh, and you should look your best, of course!


Want to date East European women? Start with Poland. Polish women are religious, a bit old-fashioned (in a good way!), and they respect traditional gender roles. They are also very kind, easy-going, and they make perfect wives (as well as all the other Eastern European girls). Want to date a beautiful Polish lady? Then don't try to buy her (most of them are not materialistic at all), be the leader and know what you want, and be romantic (it's very important)!

European Vs American women dating

Dating American women: pros

  • They are not reserved at all and more confident.
  • They are more independent and feminist.

Dating American women: cons

  • They label relationship stages while Europeans date more “naturally”. There are no such things and categories as "a thing", "official", "chill", and "exclusive" in Europe — if they like each other, they are in a relationship, if they don't, they don't, it's simple as that.
  • American women are not as family-oriented as European ladies.

Dating European women: pros

  • If you want to act like a gentleman, you should date European girls — they’ll give you that opportunity (especially when it comes to Eastern European dating).
  • Many of them are more flirtatious and open-minded than American women.
  • They are more supportive than American women.
  • They are straightforward and don’t play games on a date.
  • They are more feminine.

Dating European women: cons

  • They don’t expect to go Dutch so it’s you who pay for the date.
  • Long-distance relationships are quite hard.

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Why so many men like to date European women

European women are strong and feminine at the same time

They are perfectly balanced — independent, strong, but feminine and soft at the same time (especially if we’re talking about Southern European and Eastern European girls).

Ladies from Europe have strong family values

Women from Mediterranean countries and Slavic countries are very family-oriented. Most women from other European countries think that family is the most important thing in the world, too.

European girls love dating men from the United States

It’s extremely hard to find a European girl who doesn’t like Americans — most of them are very open-minded and see nothing wrong in dating a man from the US. Just choose any of dozens of free European dating sites and you’ll see these women really love Americans!

Women from Europe are extremely attractive

Blonde and brunette, with blue eyes and dark eyes, curvy and skinny — they all look gorgeous.