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European Dating Sites In 2021

Best European Dating Sites To Meet a Woman of Your Dreams.

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Best Europe Dating Sites To Find The Most Beautiful Women

Have you ever thought about dating a woman from Europe online? If yes, then this article contains everything that you will need. Here, you will be able to learn about the best platforms with the most beautiful women from European countries. No need to spend too much time researching European online dating as our dating experts have done everything for you! So, enjoy this selection of the most reputable dating sites in Europe!

What are the best European dating platforms?

Let's not waste time and move on to the best European dating sites. Here are the top 5 platforms to date European women online!


One of the most reliable online dating platforms, JollyRomance, can offer you what you seek. It is a dating portal for single men who seek dates from Eastern European countries. The majority of ladies on this site come from Ukraine and Russia, and women from these countries are considered excellent for online communication. Still, it is possible to find girls from all over Europe, so do not think that your search will be limited. The majority of men who use this site are from the United States, Canada, and Europe, although there are some members from Eastern Europe who seek Eastern European dates as well.

The portal is relatively popular and common among Western members. It is estimated that over 250,000 members are from the USA, and over 1 million members are registered on the platform. The balance between male and female users is decent – almost half of the members are women who seek foreign relationships. Thus, the site can offer you a great opportunity to find wonderful European dates since every week, over 50 thousand members log in on the site. This is a place for serious and long-term dating, though some members may prefer casual communication.


The AmourFactory website is created for individuals who are seeking meaningful relationships online. On this platform, one can easily find like-minded dates from European countries. The portal allows you to look for women manually or through a simple yet very effective searching process that can improve the quality of your dating experience. The matching algorithms on the site can make your communication simpler, quicker, and more effective. The majority of dates that you can find here are from Eastern Europe and of any age. It is quite easy to find here young or mature women.

Compared to other European dating sites, AmourFactory is not that popular with only 300 thousand active members registered. Nevertheless, more than half of the active members are ladies, which means that you will have wonderful opportunities to find true love and happiness with the help of this portal. Every day, over 1 thousand users log in on the site, and over 300 new members register. In other words, you will be able to see a lot of new faces every single week. AmourFactory defines itself as a portal for leisure, fun, and meaningful communication online, which means that you can seek both casual and serious relationships.


For men who seek simplicity in online communication, BravoDate is going to be an excellent choice. This is an incredibly simple but effective online dating portal with European dates. You can find girls from any country here – compared to the rest platforms in this selection, BravoDate is not focused on Eastern European women. Nevertheless, it has to be noted that BravoDate is not very popular. It is estimated that it has up to 100 thousand members registered. There are only less than 10 thousand active members on a weekly basis.

Despite the fact that BravoDate is not the most popular and populous European women dating site, it still offers great quality and diversity of communication options. Regardless of the small community, you can expect wonderful women from all across Europe. The site casts itself as a site for serious and lifelong relationships.


KissRussianBeauty is a very standard online dating platform for men who seek Eastern European dates. Even though the majority of women who use this site are from Russia, there are many girls from Ukraine, Belarus, and other Eastern European countries. The site is not very populous – our experts have estimated from 10 to 30 thousand Russian singles registered in the site. About 1,5 thousand dates are active on a daily basis, with over 10,000 female members logging in every week.

The site is not strictly for serious and family-oriented relationships. Although the majority of girls are looking for lifelong commitment with foreign men, you may easily find plenty of ladies who are not against flirting. The site offers a decent diversity of tools to contact ladies as well as narrow down your search.


Among many dating sites in Europe, UkraineBride4You stands out for many reasons. First of all, it is a great platform where you can find hundreds of beautiful and elegant Ukrainian women for dating. The site is quite popular as it has over 400 thousand registered users. The majority of members are over 22 years of age and have detailed and descriptive profiles. More than 800 new members are registered on the site, and over 2 thousand users log in on a daily basis.

The site has a user-friendly interface, specific regional focus, and numerous options that will help you find a perfect date. While most of the female users are from Ukraine, UkraineBride4You is a European women dating site, which means that you can easily find girls from other European countries as well. The portal focuses on serious and long-term communication, although it is not forbidden to have casual dates.

How do European dating sites work?

Dating sites in Europe work just like any other platform with women who use online communication. There is nothing special about European dating sites. Nevertheless, you need to understand that most of these portals are oriented toward offering communication with Europeans. Therefore, the majority of girls that you will find are going to be from Europe. There are many sites like UkraineBride4You or KissRussianBeauty that focus specifically on a particular country, which can help you save a lot of time looking for a date from a certain location.

There might be some differences based on the location that a dating site is focused on. In most cases, there are no differences in how women are presented or how they tend to communicate. While cultural differences may influence your interaction per se, it will not change your dating experience. Now, we would like to demonstrate to you a few steps that fully explain the process of how a typical dating site in Europe works:

  1. Selection of a site. You need to choose a reliable and trustworthy platform with European ladies.
  2. Registration. Most of the time, sites have a very straightforward and simple sign-up process.
  3. Searching for a date. You can specify what kind of woman you want to seek or browse randomly.
  4. Make a contact. Once you find a potential date, send her a message.
  5. Enjoy communication. That is all. Now you see how dating sites work!

Who’s on top Euro dating sites?

It is impossible to predict whom you will meet on a dating site. There is no specific type of people who use platforms for online communication. Online dating is a very common concept, which is why people of different backgrounds, interests, and preferences can be found there. We can guarantee you that there will be European girls who are smart, beautiful, interesting, educated, passionate, dedicated, and fun. You also need to understand that the best Eastern European dating sites will offer you communication with Eastern European girls, and you would not be able to find Asian or Latin dates on such sites.

The only thing that is similar among all users of dating sites is honesty. Regardless of what people do, whom they seek, and what they want, the most important thing about online dating is honesty.

How to avoid getting scammed on European dating sites?

There are a few common rules that you need to follow to keep your account safe from scammers. Unfortunately, online dating is very appealing to people who want to fool those who seek love and happiness. Still, it is quite easy to avoid fraud and scams, and we are glad to share this information with you.

  • Do not send money to your dates. It is a common rule to avoid sending money to girls, especially if you have not met them in real life.
  • Do not share your financial information with anyone. Do not share anything about your credit cards or other financial data.
  • Do not trust a date who does not want to have video communication with you. Most portals have a video communication option. If your date does not want you to see her, it can be very suspicious.

How to be successful on a European women dating site?

Online dating is quite competitive, which is why you need to know a few things to improve your chances of finding a great date. Notably, women who use dating sites also can browse and contact men, which means that you have to make your profile visible and appealing. Include high-quality photos, make sure that dates learn a lot about you by reading your profile, and be clear in your goals.

The best key to success in online dating is honesty. If you want to find a real soulmate, then you need to be honest about everything. Make sure that you know a lot about your date’s country and background, as your ignorance can make your communication awkward. Do not rely on stereotypes and make sure that your attitude toward your date is unbiased. Lastly, make sure that you view online dating as an enjoyable process rather than a chore. You need to enjoy every single moment of communication with your date. If something is not right, maybe that woman is not for you!