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Asian Dating Sites In 2021

Best Asian Dating Sites To Meet a Woman of Your Dreams.

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Top Asian Dating Sites

This guide will help you find, date, and meet the most beautiful and wonderful Asian girls in the world! Learn about Asian dating sites in the USA, as this guide is full of useful facts and pieces of advice that will improve your dating experience! This article will offer you a selection of top free Asian dating sites that have an excellent reputation and recognition. Girls who use these sites are real, honest, and seriously committed, so you can expect receiving enjoyable and wonderful experiences from your online dating!

What are the best Asian dating sites?

It has to be stated that there are many portals with Asian girls for dating. However, not all of those platforms are good for you. This article was written to provide useful facts about Asian online dating for single guys who wish to save their time and money and learn about great opportunities. Enjoy this selection of 5 single Asian women dating sites, which will change the way you date forever!


It is a great dating platform for single American men who dream of finding great and loving Asian women. This platform is oriented toward serious relationships, although it is possible to find casual communication. It is estimated that over 1.5 million members from the US are registered on the site, with over 200 thousand active members every single week. Although 70% of all registered users are male, it means that you still will have plenty of dates with suitable and graceful women.

The site offers a wide range of communication options, has an enjoyable and responsive mobile design, and proper security systems. Instead of a monthly subscription, it implements a credit-based system that has many advantages and benefits. Therefore, it is an example of a simple yet highly effective dating portal for single guys who just want to find a matching partner from Asia!


It is a portal for serious and causal interaction between Western men and Asian women. One can find girls from Asia by using a simple or advanced search – a highly productive and helpful feature. The website has a pleasant, mobile-friendly, and effective design, a decent range of tools for communication, affordable prices, and a high number of members. There are approximately 1 million registered users, half of whom are Asian women. Over 1,2 thousand members log in on a daily basis, which is quite an impressive number.

This site does not have a complicated registration process – you can create an account almost in an instance. While it is possible to find a date for a casual chat on this portal, its main purpose is to help individuals from different countries create serious and long-term relationships. Therefore, it is oriented on a serious type of dating.


It is an example of a dedicated and highly professional platform that helps unite people who wish to meet their soulmates. This portal has been around for years, providing a high quality of communication, excellent dating experience, and unforgettable emotions. The site defines itself as a place for serious and long-lasting commitment between Western men and Asian women. It is a portal for American men who can easily seek intercultural dating with girls from Asia. The majority of users of this website look for serious communication, although some men and women are not against having casual relationships.

On a weekly basis, this dating platform is used by almost 100 thousand members, which defines this portal as a highly popular and successful site. With over 1 million active members from the United States alone, this site can offer you almost half a million Asian dates who dream of serious relationships. Every day, thousands of new Asian women sign up to date and meet with great guys from Western countries, so you will be able to see new faces almost every day!


This place can help you seek what you want – a relationship with a nice and beautiful Asian lady. This is a platform with over 700 thousand active members from Asia, meaning that the biggest problem that you will face will be choosing one of the thousands of beauties. It is a quickly growing dating platform, and with its development, the diversity of communication tools and their quality increase as well. More than 20 thousand members log in every week, and several thousand create new accounts.

It is oriented toward legal and adequate online communication between Asian women and Western men. Most of the time, members on the site seek serious and lifelong relationships, although it is not forbidden to look for something casual and short-term. It is possible to flirt and date several girls at the same time. Therefore, it is a website that successfully helps Western men find beautiful and young Asian girls online.

Asia Me

Asia Me is definitely a major player in the online dating market. It is one of the largest platforms for online communication today. Asia Me is a website that is owned by Qpid Networks – a large dating organization. This platform has been serving for many years, trying to help single men in finding a suitable Asian partner. It has to be noted that the website has been working for more than 20 years, which means that millions of people have trusted this portal in creating serious and lifelong relationships. As one of the most popular places for seeking Asian women for dating, this site has almost half a million visitors every week. The database of members that increases every single day is excellent evidence that you will find the best dates regardless of your demands and preferences.

As this website is a part of Qpid’s company, you do not need to create a separate account if you have used Qpid dating services. Moreover, you will be able to use your existing account on other websites owned by Qpid Network. Since it is a highly respectable and reputable platform, you can expect excellent security, a professional support department, and superb diversity of communication tools.

How do Asian women dating sites work?

In a nutshell, there is nothing complicated about online dating. A lot of people think that it is very challenging, which is not true. It is very beneficial to choose an online dating platform: it is cheaper, quicker, and more effective. You can communicate with any lady you find and be successful within mere days! Millions of different girls look for a foreign boyfriend and husband. It means that you can find dates of any appearance, age, region, and background and enjoy your online dating experience to the fullest.

Below, you can find 6 simple steps that define online dating:

  • Step 1. Select a dating website – choosing a site from the above-mentioned selection is a great start.
  • Step 2. Create a detailed account. Usually, it involves writing something about your life, uploading a decent photo, and ensuring that your profile is creative and descriptive.
  • Step 3. Figure out what kind of woman you seek. Learn about Asian countries and differences between women from different locations. Make sure that you know what kind of appearance, behavior, and background your future date should have.
  • Step 4. Use searching tools to find your ideal date. Whether you use manual search, matchmaking tools, or search features, you will be able to locate girls who match your description.
  • Step 5. Chat with dates that are ideal for you. It is very easy – you can choose to use video, audio, or textual communication.
  • Step 6. Enjoy your relationships!

Who’s on oriental dating sites?

Different women use dating sites. However, most of the time, girls on such platforms seek serious and lifelong relationships with nice guys. They do not look for something casual and short-termed. Most female members are quite young – 18-30 years old, although it is possible to seek older women.

Many girls seek relationships with foreign men as they are tired of dating locals. Indeed, Asian and Western cultures are very different, which is the reason why plenty of young and beautiful girls seek a foreign partner. Other women may look for a foreign date simply because it is exciting and new, while others want to escape to a Western country. Regardless of the motivation of a young and loyal date from Asia, most ladies are dreaming of meeting a responsible, kind, and sweet man from the United States.

How to protect yourself from dating scams on Asian women dating sites?

It is incredibly important to use a respectable and highly popular platform. First of all, a popular portal will have a lot of potential dates. However, a respectable dating site will ensure profound security measures that are paramount for online dating. Many websites pretend to offer dating services. Although it may sound bad, it is quite easy to avoid getting scammed! Take a look at this mini-guide and figure out how to avoid using a fraudulent dating site:

  1. Look for reviews and select websites that are well-known online.
  2. Do not use shady websites that ask you to pay money upon registration.
  3. Do not send money directly to your date – usually, ladies who ask for money are scammers.
  4. Ask unpredictable questions to figure out whether your date is a real person or a bot.

How to be successful on Asia dating sites?

There are a few secrets that will help you find a key to success while dating Asian women. First, you need to be yourself. Although it may sound too obvious, girls from Asia want to find a real man with real emotions and feelings. A lot of them do not want to date Asian men for various reasons, which is why your main goal is to show the real you while dating Asian girls. Secondly, you need to learn a few things about your date’s country – it will help you to understand her needs as well as certain peculiarities of communication that are appropriate among Asian people. Lastly, you need to be respectful and patient.

For more information regarding dating a woman from Asia, take a look at this guide that real dating experts prepared for this article:

  • Be respectful. Asian culture values respect the most, which is why your communication with an Asian woman should be based on mutual respect and honor.
  • Be patient. Do not rush your relationships. Some Asian women may be too shy and not ready for quickly-developing relationships, which is why you will have to be patient and wait for your lady to become comfortable with you.
  • Be generous. Asian women want to be spoiled just a little.
  • Be romantic. Girls from Asian culture expect Western men to be expressive, romantic, and unpredictable.
  • Be attentive. Listen to your date carefully and remember things that she shares with you. This information can be useful.
  • Do not believe in stereotypes. Asian women are surrounded by stereotypes. Although stereotypes can be correct, you do not need to think that all Asian women are submissive, shy, and obedient. Do not judge Asian girls based on what you heard, but have a fresh relationship with a lady.
  • Do not be rude. Even the smallest offense can ruin your chances of having another date with an Asian woman. Do not try to be rude to impress your lady.
  • Prepare for a date. Asian and Western cultures are very different, which is the reason for you to learn as much about Asian communication and relationships as it is possible. It is always useful to find out interesting facts about your date’s country and background. Use your knowledge as an advantage!


This section is devoted to the most common questions that users ask regarding online communication in Asia.

Is there an Asian dating site?

Of course, there are many excellent and highly efficient platforms that can help you seek the best Asian date. Just seek a section with the top 5 single Asian women dating sites above!

What is the best Asian dating site?

It is quite difficult to define the best dating site as every single one of them offers something unique and great. Asia Me is considered the most popular and advanced dating portal, but AsianMelodies or EasternHoneys are also very demanded and reputable.

Are there any legitimate Asian dating sites?

Asia Me, AsianMelodies, and LoverWhirl are legitimate and transparent dating websites that can offer you excellent communication and dating experience. Expect to find dozens if not hundreds of suitable, matching, and real dates on these sites!

Which Asia dating site has the most members?

Asia Me, EasternHoneys, and AsianMelodies have the largest number of active users among all dating platforms that have been discussed above. Even though there is no exact number, it is possible to assume that with over half a million weekly members, the number of people who use these platforms is huge.